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Welcome to a new page and a new chapter!  I chose to retain this site and to modify it for the purposes of Tony Talks NY because as I looked over all the information and materials that we had posted the last month of the campaign, I realized that it really would contribute to giving people a window into my thoughts and feelings about certain things.  I also didn't want to disregard all the good work and great people that I met along the campaign trail especially my Team Arcabascio from Townsend Harris HS.  

I encourage you all to visit often and participate in the open forums.  We will use this site also for local small businesses and civics to advertise and post notices and events. It will all be explained in the "Advertise" section of this site. 

This is a non-partisan site and it's sole purpose is to promote an exchange of ideas and to inform the people of current events and political activities that impact our day to day lives and communities.  So if you plan to participate, check your party affiliation at the door!

I encourage everyone to participate and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.




To all of my friends, family and supporters, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for all your kind words and constant support.  Thank you to my Campaign Manager James Cola, without him I would have never been able to do the things I did and manage this tremendous undertaking of running to be Queens Borough President.


It  has been a memorable experience and one that I will not soon forget.  I have had the privilege of meeting many of the great people of Queens and to hear the pain points and dreams of what they want from their elected officials, what they want for their borough and their families. I heard each and every word and I hope that the people that have been empowered to serve the people will listen.  I hope that our newly elected Borough Presidents and Mayor focus on a consilidated plan for the city, one which embraces the diversity, uniqueness and vision of each and every borough and it's residents. We are an amazing city, always has been and Queens is the window to it all.  Let's hope that our new leaders understand the importance of Queens and that they work to get the things that Queens needs to be better.  That we finally fix the damage of Super Storm Sandy and rebuild the Rockaways to be a thriving and revitalized destination for all to enjoy!  That we look towards the beautification and expansion of neighbohoods such as Jamaica and Maspeth. There is so much potential in these areas if we can just have a plan.


I thank you all again for your support and I hope that the friendships and relationships that I have gained during this campaign will continue throughout my life.




Aurelio "Tony" Arcabascio


We have reached the last weekend before Election Day this Tuesday November 5th.  We have worked very hard to gain your confidence, trust and support.  We have demonstrated our tireless commitment to the people and the communities through our many appearances at Civic Meetings, Community Board Meetings and Community Based Organization gatherings.  Through our words and actions we have tried to give you an insight as to who Aurelio "Tony" Arcabascio is as a person, a fellow resident of Queens and as a leader.  A LEADER is what our great borough needs and has lacked for many years.  This is our opportunity to take Queens to the place where it belongs as the number one borough in the City of New York.  As the most desirable borough to live and visit.  We have the most resources of any borough and we have this opportunity to improve our quality of life, not just for us but for our children and their children, if we can just put the right people in place that will lead us and work with the people of Queens.


On Novemeber 5th I ask you to get out and vote for the person that best represents YOU, that will put YOUR interest before their interest. Vote for the person YOU believe will gain the respect of the people that we will need to assist us in achieving the potential we have to become the BEST  of the BEST.


Give Queens the chance it deserves and Vote for


on November 5TH.

I am a proud native of Queens.  As someone who grew up in Queens I remember the wonderful times and memories I had in and around our great Borough.  I want to give our children those same great times and memories by ensuring their safety, education and providing them the exposure to the arts and entertainment that they deserve.  I want to take care of the people that took care of us...OUR SENIOR'S. Without them we would not be enjoying the life and freedom that we have today.  I will work hard to get them all that they deserve and have earned.


Vote for me on November 5th and bring common sense back to government and our everyday lives. Vote to have someone that will represent your interests and not the interest of Developers and Lobbyists.


Thank you

The BOROUGH PRESIDENTS are the chief executives of each borough. They have the power, for their boroughs, to consult with the mayor in the preparation of the annual executive budget; to make recommendations on budget priorities, capital projects, and other matters; to review land-use decisions and proposed sites for city facilities; to monitor the delivery of city services and the performance of contracts; and to have legislation introduced in the City Council.

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